‘Its all left for us to do what we have to do to survive’ (amaru shakur)
The dreaded Badoo group in Ikorodu area of Lagos State are no spirits, and we can protect ourselves from them with simple steps. Many of us cannot leave because it’s our home and we must protect it.
Here are simple steps that will help

1) Lock your windows: it is not a new thing that the group operate by slicing the net of the window and puff out a powdery substance which will make residents sleep. I chose to believe they use cocktails of sedative (which might include chlorofoam). Whichever way, If the window is open they can put their hands through the burglary and effect their sedative. If the windows are locked they would have to look elsewhere because breaking the window will alert the household even neighbours. ..

2) Off your Gen set: if you sleep with your gen set on then you might be a potential target as this will help kill any noise made when they attack. ..get a rechargeable fan

3) Burglary Proof. Get a burglary proof that is not hand penetrable (ignore my grammar here), a burglary with little spaces in between will be great for you

4) Lock your doors on time: it is advisable you get home quickly and lock your doors….8pm is ideal

5) Code your movement: This group most likely set their eyes on target before operating, let your movement be only known to you

6) Don’t drink in the neighbourhood: for every reasons don’t, this can jeopardise your family entirely…information can easily be got from you, if u must go far away

7) Sleep everywhere; you are an easy target if you all sleep in a room. Sleep in different rooms and cool light up your compound; this will discourage perpetrators. .

9) Be alert always…dont sleep like a donkey.

10) Above all, be prayerful to whatever faith you believe in.

We shall overcome this present hard time and the grace of God shall be enough for us all.

Badoo Victim Killed On Sunday Morning at Odoguyan Lagos Nigeria..

or you can check the video from the link:

May You never fall Victim of Badoo Ritual Killers…..