Should Jungle Justice Be Use On The Ritual Group Badoos

Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria- Badoos are most recently highly pronounced ritual killer group in Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria who killed visited and attack there victims at Mid- Night by breaking their heads or rapping their victims or killing a pregnant woman and removing their fetus for ritual purpose.

White napkins are used by the this serial ritual killers badoos to collect the blood of their victims to the senders of god’s fathers, whoever becomes victim of this groups surviver only remains decision of the Almighty God in Heaven who can reverse the irreversible.

Just yesterday 06/07/2017, mid-night the badoos groups attacked a church in Ajegunle Ikorodu Road Killed 5 people; the Pastor, A newly named baby and three others. but Unfortunately for one the killer was apprehended who sank into a swampy area of the location of the church where the evil mission was carried out one said.

The question now is should jungle justice be used to eliminate this group of ritual and unrepentant serial killers because people claimed that when they are being caught and handed over to the police their sender find means of setting them free from the Police stations. check this video Link:

People can no longer sleep with there two eyes closed in Ikorodu because no one is safe but the attention of the authority of Lagos State Governor as mandated the security personnel’s to bring to an end the activities of badoos in Lagos State.